Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chapter I ROME - Heroïne

Lidia Passarelli - student
Styling & Photography by Serena Lisbon

Lidia is a 21-year-old natural redhead. 
Though she lives in Bologna, she stopped by Rome for a few days visiting me and my friends.
Lidia is a creature of pure taste; she loves exclusive perfumes and independent fashion, brand new sounds and neomelodic pop tunes. She’s always up to date on the coolest trends while never forgetting trashy icons from the past. 
All that eccentric mix makes her style absolutely unique.
She is my heroine because she’s got the power of being the most colorful and sweetest smelling person i know and I am on the floor laughing as soon as i hear her contagious laughter and witty jokes.

I shot her at Gazometro in the Ostiense area. 
We were there for a few hours at sunset during which Lidia pretended to be a cute misfit.

Special thanks to Giulia Misasi